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NIV Bible Study Commentary

NIV Bible Study Commentary

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When reading Scripture, it's sometimes easy to get lost in the details, bogged down by all the different stories, lineages, rulers, peoples, numbers, and confusing phrases—specifics that only make sense in context, when we understand the Bible as a whole...

A clear and concise companion to the whole Bible, the NIV Bible Study Commentary will provide you with quick, insightful help in understanding the Bible while you're reading it. It's meant to be kept close at hand for reference while you study God's Word, and it will enrich your study.

The NIV Bible Study Commentary is perfect for:

  • Anyone looking to grasp a fuller understanding of the Bible and the major themes interwoven throughout its pages.
  • Bible college students, Sunday School teachers, pastors, and ministers wanting a handy reference resource.
  • Those looking for a great gift to celebrate a graduation, birthday, or other milestone event.

Arranged according to all sixty-six books of the Bible for ease-of-use, this one-volume commentary provides insights into the history, events, people, and places found in the stories of Scripture.

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